Welcome to UProfit! Our project give you unique opportunity – You can earn here as much as you can`t earn in stock exchange, FOREX, binary options etc. You can invest to UProfit, grow with us and become financially independent people!

How does it work? Everybody can earn in UProfit from its investments. Profit is 50% per month, payments are made automatically every day.

You invest an amount not more than specified in the development plan of the project for the current period. Every day you automatically receive 10% of the invested amount. So, you will have 120% of investment after 12 days!

The system is transparent and understandable. Aside from this, you can earn money without making investments - just refer new members to us and earn % of their investments IMMEDIATELY.


Daily Payment

Total Earn (12 days)

Transaction fees - 1%

The benefits of the project

  • Automatic, instant payments
  • VDS protection against DDOS attacks
  • 256 bit SSL certificate/CloudFlare Business
  • The minimum investment amount is 5$
  • Payments for referrals: 4% - 2%
  • Project without any legends about oil production, rent of expensive cars, etc.
  • Income investors - 50% per month
  • The maximum amount of Deposits is limited
  • Honest admin who works for a small %
  • Unique script developed from scratch
  • Economically balanced model with gradual development